Homemade Body Scrub

It’s Monday again?! My life is flashing before my eyes, I swear. Life needs to slow down and here is the perfect companion to help make that happen. A body scrub made from coffee, sugar, and coconut oil. Good garden peas this stuff is goooooood. I would definitely make sure that you like the smell of coffee before using this; however, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like the smell. If you’re that person that I haven’t met yet, comment below and introduce yourself and I will try my hardest to change your mind.IMG_7314 IMG_7325

This scrub makes your entire bathroom smell like coffee and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth. A definite solution to beating those Monday blues.

1/2 cup coffee grounds

1/4 cup sugar

2 Tablespoons coconut oil, melted (or olive oil)

Mix it all together and start scubbin’!IMG_7348

Why should we exfoliate? Well, when you gently scrub your body, you slough away dead skin cells and regenerate new ones. If you neglect to do this, you take the risk of clogging your pores from the excessive amount of dead skin cells and oil. Especially with the colder months upon us, exfoliation becomes even more important. To combat dry skin, people often layer up on the creams. But without exfoliation, this is only burying your skin further and further in dead skin cells, oil, and creams.

Caffeine can do wonders for your skin as well! It fights free radicals, soothes inflammation, can help treat rosacea, and can help you get rid of cellulite! It’s true. The caffeine will help tighten your skin.

Thanks to the vitamin E that coconut oil contains, it leaves your skin moisturized and feeling like butter!

So the next time you take a bath or shower, mix some of this stuff up and enjoooooooy : ) Your skin will thank you!


À demain

xo, Ashley

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