Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

Ooooooo baby, it’s FRIYAY! And it is also Sam and I’s 4-year anniversary! Crazy how time flies. To celebrate, I thought I would make the perfect fall drink! This drink is everything that fall is: crisp, delicious, cinnamony (that’s a word, right?), and full of color and flavor! You’re gonna wanna save this whole pitcher for yourself. At least I did. But I mean, it is our anniversary, so I shared 😉IMG_7168

Honeycrisp apples are the crème de la crème to Fall. Favorite apple by far (sorry, Granny Smith). I could live off of these bad boys. This delicious ball of fruit is a hybrid breed from Believe it or not, honeycrisp apples are the #1 desired apple in America. And soon, this drink will be too.

Honeycrisp Apple Sangria
Serves 6
The perfect fall drink with America's #1 apple, honeycrisp! Wine, brandy, cinnamon, citrus, apple cider - what could be better?!
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 3 cinnamon sticks
  2. 2 honey crisp apples, chopped
  3. 1 orange, thinly sliced
  4. 1 (750mL) bottle red wine (I used a Cab)
  5. 1 3/4 cups of apple cider
  6. 1/2 cup of brandy
  7. 1/4 cup of orange juice (or juice from 2 medium oranges)
  8. Juice from one lemon
  1. Place the cinnamon sticks, apple chunks, and orange slices into a large pitcher. Add wine, apple cider, brandy, orange juice, and lemon juice.
  2. Pour into some pretty glasses and enjoy!
  1. Use an unfiltered, unsweetened apple cider!
  2. I recommend letting the mixture sit in the fridge for 6-24 hours before serving to let things marinade.
  3. Add a splash of club soda for a bubbly addition!
Ashley Ellen Howard http://aehoward.com/
 Off to get ready for my night out with Samuel! Have a fantastic weekend!


À demain

xo, Ashley

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