Pre- & Post-Workout Habits

Working out. Something that most people make excuses for. “I’m tired”, “I don’t know what to do”, “I’m too sore.” Yes, some of those things may be true at the time, but it’s all about pushing through and getting your workout done! Even if that means going for a walk. BE ACTIVE! Not only will you feel more confident, but your mood will change. I promise you.DSC_8030

Quick story. When Sam and I first moved away, I think I went into a mini depression. I went from working out quite frequently and being very familiar with all of the gyms in my area, to not knowing one gym in the area and not feeling very safe to even go for a walk alone. Annoying, right? I went on a hunt for some gyms and found a lot that I really liked, but oh my gosh so expensive. A few weeks later, I started working at Lululemon and guess what… they encourage you to workout and even help to pay for it! WIN, WIN, WINNNNNING! My mood immediately spiked and I found myself so much happier. Yay lulu!

In order to get the most out of my workouts, I really focus on what my pre- and post-workout habits. I am always learning and incorporating new things into my sweat sessions, but here are a few current habits!DSC_7959 DSC_7971

#1: Let’s smell good, shall we?DSC_8091 (1)I love using Tom’s deodorant because it only contains natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. I wouldn’t say it’s as effective as my old conventional brand, but it works decently enough for me.  AND I like knowing that I’m not rolling aluminum under my armpits every day, even if most research says it’s safe in low doses. Fun fact!! There are hops cones in this deodorant, which is also an ingredient in most beer. “The “bitter principles” that help hops to preserve beer also fight odor! Pretty neat.

#2: Dynamic warmupDSC_8040 DSC_8072 DSC_8081Why dynamic compared to static? I’m so glad you asked! First off, it maintains warmth in your body and muscles, which is the point of a warm-up, right?! It also prepares the muscles and joints in a more sport specific manner than static stretching. It enhances coordination and motor ability as well as revving up the nervous system. I have found that many sit-and-stretch routines are an excuse for daydreaming, while the dynamic warm-up forces athletes to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. I think of it as Adderall for workouts – hehe.

#3: Refreshing spritz… not sure if this actually does anything, but I like the way it makes my skin smell and feel. I’m always spraying this stuff on my face!DSC_8085

#4: Juice time… glunk, glunk, glunk. I worked in a juice bar for a hot second and loved figuring out which flavor combos I loved most. Now I tend to be a little picky about which glass of juice I reach for (flavor, quality, etc.), but luckily I have found a great juice bar in my new city! This particular juice is: beet, carrot, apple, ginger, and lemon!DSC_7974 (1) DSC_7985 DSC_8184I hope you enjoyed reading this and get motivated to get in the gym or outside (if you don’t already 🙂 ) Can’t wait to share more on workouts soon!

Pants: All the Right Places Crop, Shirt: Rest Less Pullover,

Sweatshirt: Scuba Hoodie, Shoes: Nike

Pictures by Andrea, the Blonde Bedhead


À demain

xo, Ashley


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