Holy [expletive]. This past weekend is one for the books. Definitely one that Sam and I will remember forever! Let’s see, where to beign…

    A few months ago, I came home with a crazy idea to book a trip for our 1-year. After a few glasses of vino, we decided to do it and booked flights to Eleuthera, Bahamas. Not only was this exciting because umm, it’s the Bahamas, but also because Sam spent a semseter there in High School at something called the Island School. He could reconnect with friends he made there and also show me around the island! EEE! I love exploring. We were supposed to leave Saturday morning at 8:30am. Yes, you read that correctly – supposed to. Friday night, after discussing all of our big plans over a wonderful dinner with my father-in-law, is when we realized that my passport had expired. Heart. Sank.

    Panic set in and we started exploring our options. We slowly came to the conclusion that there was no way we were heading to the Bahamas in the morning. Yes, I was hysterical, lol. We went to bed that night feeling speechless and disappointed. HOW DID WE NOT CHECK OUR PASSPORT EXPIRATION DATES. Lesson learned.

    Considering we were going to celebrate our 1-year, I was determined to find a new destination. After being on the phone all day with Orbitz, we were able to change our flight plans and booked tickets to fly to St. Thomas early Monday morning (still in the Caribbean, insert touchdown hands). My mood immediately spiked, we watched Nyquist win, and enjoyed mint juleps with my in-laws. Side note: my in-laws are the most generous, caring, loving people I have ever met and helped us tremendously as we worked through all of this. THANK YOU to them!! And to my parents for waking up at 3am to drive us to the airport 🙂

    However, this is one of those trips where the panic didn’t stop until we were literally on the plane. Monday morning came and we purposefully got to the aiport early just in case something else were to happen. Thank God we did. As it turns out, Orbitz completely screwed up our new flight plans and booked us to arrive in St. Thomas AND LEAVE St. Thomas all on the same day. At this point, I’m really starting to worry about having permanent worry wrinkles. Haha, just kidding – I’m not that vain 😉 But I was extremely upset and we had to call Orbitz again. We ended up getting it all figuered out with 30 min to spare. We hopped on the plane, ordered drinks (obviously), and now here we are. St. Thomas. On the beach. Drinks in hand. Never leaving. Because we still don’t have booked flights home. Bummer 😉

    Moral of the story: always check your passport expiration dates, book your tickets directly through the airline, and marry your best friend… because life is never dull and I can’t imagine doing it without you, Sam!


À demain

xo, AH

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