Indian Summer

Leonardo is probably having a heyday right now. How on earth is it mid-November and the high tomorrow is 69?! I looked up what the weather was a year ago today and there was a complete whiteout. But hey, I’m not complaining because I know what is coming. Winter is coming.

In the meantime, I plan on taking full advantage of these beautiful days by going for lots of walks/hikes and keeping my Fall wardrobe alive and well. I got these jeans this past August while out in Santa Barbara and have yet to wash them. Gross, maybe, but they wear so well! Definitely my go-to for any occasion. It’s funny how your style can change. I’ve always been super preppy, but once I started modeling my fashion lens opened wide. I started experimenting with tons of different materials and styles and now I have many different styles! Depending on my mood. I love dressing these jeans down with some flats and a cute tee or dressing it up with some heels/booties and a sweater or a leather jacket. These are the perfect “model off-duty” jeans. Go get them.

Despite my already 5’10” frame, I love wearing heels. These booties have a major heel on them too- 4.5 inches. Thank God I married someone tall. I showed up to Andrea’s house the other day and felt like a straight giant. We couldn’t stop laughing at my towering self- haha! I got these booties about 4 years ago and they are still in great condition and SUPER comfortable, surprisingly.

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather as much as I am!

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Jeans HERE // Sweater HERE // Bralette HERE //

Booties SIMILAR HERE // Necklace SIMILAR HERE // Sunnies HERE

Pictures by Andrea Kerbuski


À demain

xo, AH

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