Leather + Suede

Andrea and I had quite the dramatic shoot the other day! It was a little cloudy outside, but the air was warming up, so we took advantage of it. We got to the top of one of our favorite parking structures and to our surprise, a tornado was passing through! Not really… but it sure as heck felt like one! We started our shoot by chasing Andrea’s hat around for about 5 minutes. Frustrated and cold, we eventually just said forget it and went to our usual spot- Governor Snyder’s parking garage (LOL).

I’ll be honest, all I want to wear on the weekends are my Roots sweatpants and one of Sam’s shirts. But if I decide to leave the house, I’ll almost always be in some sort of legging with a leather jacket. I try and reach for my jeans, I really do, but my hand gravitates towards my leggings. They’re comfy, they’re black, and they’re comfy. Threw on the comfiest Topshop tee, a leather jacket, and a pair of mules. It’s the perfect ‘roll out of bed and throw something on’ outfit, but without looking like it.

A few months ago I got this Allsaints bag, but I haven’t really used it since the weather has been so wet. I was so happy I was able to whip it out this past weekend! It is the perfect day-to-night bag. Medium/small size, perfect strap length, and that color! Ugh, obsessed. When I was living in Chicago, I would spend all of my free time in-between castings in the Allsaints store. It was dangerous, but I couldn’t resist. They had all of these vintage sewing machines in the windows- it looked so cool. They eventually moved into Bloomingdales though, which was such a bummer. My style is very eclectic, so when I’m feeling edgy, they are a go-to for me. It reminds me a tiny bit of Club Monaco? But a little edgier?

Trying to channel my inner Arielle here by pretending to get hit with NYC wind, rather than Lansing wind.   P.S. Obsessed with the “high voltage” πŸ˜‰


Leggings HERE // Top SIMILAR HERE // Jacket HERE


All photos by Andrea Kerbuski


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