Benefits of Collagen

There are so many health fads today that it can be hard to decipher which are worth it and which are a hoax. A huge health fad today is adding collagen to anything and everything… and it is a fad I am 100% in support of. I’ve been taking collagen for about 2 years and have noticed numerous benefits from it. But… what exactly is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It makes up 1/3 of the human body to be exact. It is the protein that holds the body together more or less. As you age, your collagen production decreases. It is decreasing right now as your reading this! As you get older, you’ll start to notice the effects of this. Saggier skin, more wrinkles, less elasticity… you know, the reason botox was invented. Now are you starting to get why it is such a fad?!

Collagen isn’t just a replacement for botox, but it also:

  • helps strengthen your teeth & nails
  • repairs joints, helps leaky gut
  • reduces cellulite/stretch marks
  • boosts your metabolism
  • protein source

WAHBAM! Collagen. Also known as pure gold.


My Favorite Ways to Use Collagen

There are lots of different ways to use collagen, but my faaaavorite way is putting in my coffee with some coconut oil (or ghee) and blitzing it in a blender. You don’t taste the collagen at all! Plus you start your day off in a ketogenic state, which deserves a whole ‘nother blog post. In the meantime, you can click HERE to read about the ketogenic diet. You’ll want to, trust me.

You can also add it to just about anything: yogurt, soup, smoothies, juices… get creative! My favorite brand is Vital Proteins. The individual packets are awesome because you can travel with them and I’m always on the go. Another favorite collagen product of mine are the Bulletproof bars. You can find them at pretty much any health food store and they are delicious! My favorite is the lemon flavor, but they’re all amazing. 


So basically, if you want luscious hair, strong nails, less wrinkles, less cellulite, great digestion, faster metabolism, and to become SUPERMAN (or woman, gotta be politically correct)… then I recommend getting your hands on some collagen!

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