While in Greece this past summer, I spent one night in Athens and shopped my little behind off at the Mango store. Everything I bought was white, white, white! I guess I’m a little obsessed, but it is the perfect summer tone. I’m about those neutrals, baby. Come Labor Day wearing white is no longer acceptable in the world of fashion… so I’ll be wearing white everyday until then 😉 Most people tend to stay away from wearing white, but I definitely gravitate towards it. It screams crisp, clean, and chic to me. Add a statement piece (or not) and

This Way to the Beach

Ahhh… crashing waves, sand between your toes, the hot sun kissing your skin… nothing beats the beach! Today my family and I took a 24 hour getaway to the beaches of Holland, MI. It was so nice to be together and just relax. This year has been quite hectic for everyone. Sam and I got married in May (wahoo!) and moved to a new city, my brothers have been traveling all over the country, Sam just started medical school, James starts college, John started a new job… craziness! Our first destination was Laketown Beach. It is my favorite beach. The drive