Top HERE // Pants HERE // Shoes HERE // Bag HERE // Watch HERE Photos by Andrea Kerbuski Hello, hello and happy hump daaayyyy! I can’t say that without picturing a camel in my head. That commercial is so stinking hilarious. I can’t believe that it is MID-JULY. Blowing my mind right now. Sam and I are moving out of our apartment this Friday and into a new condo! I am so excited for it. We will have so much more room (for activities – Step Brothers, anyone?), a finished basement, our own garage… Ah! It’ll just be so much better.

Canadian Tuxedo

Hahahaha, I don’t even know where to begin with this post! Andrea and I went to Grand Rapids the other day because we are obsessed with all of their restaurants and coffee bars. And alcoholic bars. Anyways, after bouncing around town all day, we ended up at the Reserve for a glass of wine. Mistake #1. Have you ever seen that popular Facebook post that was circulating with the 4 pictures of people after drinking  wine? First picture was before wine, second picture was after 1 glass, third picture was after 2 glasses, and fourth picture was after 3 glasses. I’m

Festival Vibes

Yes, yes, Coachella has already passed, but I am still dreaming of being there. This outfit randomly happened while playing in Andrea’s closet. I showed up at her house wearing this crop, these shorts, and these shoes, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to style it. I saw her kimono and the backpack and it all came together! I took a step away from my preppy style and bought this cute crochet crop top. I mean, it was $10. I thought it would be the perfect summer top! It has been 90 degrees and humid the past week in Michigan,


Dress HERE // Shoes HERE // Bag SIMILAR HERE // Watch HERE // Sunnies HERE // My current go-to for summer BBQ’s, brunch dates, and traveling. It is so comfortable and super cool! Michigan has been really humid lately, so this dress has gotten a lot of wear. I accessorized with all gold errythang, even though silver would go well too. I don’t discriminate between the two. I’ve always dressed really preppy, but my curious mind has been experimenting with the boho style. I mean, it is summer. Bohemian style and summer go together like pb&j. It just works. Stay

Embroidered Linen

Nothing beats Michigan summers. Growing up, I always thought Michigan was so boring and that the state had nothing to offer. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. My love for Michigan grew tremendously when I went away to school on the West side of the state, along Lake Michigan. Now I dream of settling down there one day. Nothing beats it! Michigan summers are what get me through Michigan winters. And Michigan winters SUCK. I’m headed to Lake MI today and cannot waaaaaait! Hiking, kayaking, beaching, swimming… ahhh 🙂 The best way to beat the heat, in my opinion, is with linen. My

Morning Routine

Let me first start by saying that I have never been a morning person. I like my bed and I love my sleep. That all changed, however, when I married Sam. Sam definitely is a morning person and he has rubbed off on me. It all started when we only had one car and I would have to drive him to school at 4:30am. Yes, 4:30AM. At first, it was tough, but after doing it for a week – it became easier! Mornings are the most productive time of the day for me now. I get up, make breakfast, do

What to Drink at the Bar

Ahhh… liquid calories. Gotta love’em. What most people don’t understand is how much sugar, chemicals, and other additives are in most drinks. Did you know that one drink can add up to the same amount of sugar and calories that are in a candy bar? Think about that. Think of it as going to the bar and just eating 2 or 3 Snickers because let’s be real – no one just has one drink. For someone trying to lose or maintain their weight, this could severely hurt their progress! DRINKS THAT YOU THINK ARE “HEALTHIER” – BUT THEY’RE NOT Gin +


    Holy [expletive]. This past weekend is one for the books. Definitely one that Sam and I will remember forever! Let’s see, where to beign…     A few months ago, I came home with a crazy idea to book a trip for our 1-year. After a few glasses of vino, we decided to do it and booked flights to Eleuthera, Bahamas. Not only was this exciting because umm, it’s the Bahamas, but also because Sam spent a semseter there in High School at something called the Island School. He could reconnect with friends he made there and also

Date Night

I never would’ve thought that Sam and I would have “date nights”. Before we moved out of our parent’s homes, we were together 24/7. Every day was a date! We didn’t need a certain night to go have one. Ever since entering the adult world of medical school, real jobs, getting our own place, and going to bed at 8pm; we now have date nights. The usual is sushi, sake, movie, and homemade popcorn (yes, I am that person that brings a duffel bag full of snacks to the movie theater and suspect that they know nothing). Michigan weather has been unusually

Bouncing Back

A question that I often get is, “Do you ever have a cheat day?” or “Do you ever give in and eat junk food?” Of course I always respond with “YES!” because um chocolate. And then I am asked “How do you bounce back from a day or weekend of eating poorly?” I love this question. It gives me an opportunity to really express the way I feel concerning food and diets. Ahem, prepare for a quiiiick rant. I hate diets. They are so useless, misleading, and a waste of your time. Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a 30-day