Sweet Potato Brownies

It’s Monday so that means… brownies for breakfast, anyone?! Why not start the week off with some chocolate? I’ve already had 3 this morning. Is that bad? I don’t even care, these are too good to pass up at anytime time of the day! Made with clean ingredients, but taste just like a buttery, sugary brownie. Win-win! I never tell Sam what is in the food that he is taste testing for me until I get his reaction. More often than not, he enjoys them and then enjoys them even more when he learns what the ingredients are! He is

Green Tea Breakfast Muffins

Sam and I are constantly on-the-go over here and more often than not, we don’t have time for breakfast. I love killing two birds with one stone, which is why I came up with a breakfast muffin that will 1) keep us full and 2) give us energy! I give to you… the green tea breakfast muffin! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN! Yes. I’m weird. Moving on. These taste delicious and are packed with awesome ingredients. Yes, people, this IS real life! Some of my favorite ingredients are: Almond flour/meal: Not only does the moist, nutty taste drive me wild, but it is