Date Night

I never would’ve thought that Sam and I would have “date nights”. Before we moved out of our parent’s homes, we were together 24/7. Every day was a date! We didn’t need a certain night to go have one. Ever since entering the adult world of medical school, real jobs, getting our own place, and going to bed at 8pm; we now have date nights. The usual is sushi, sake, movie, and homemade popcorn (yes, I am that person that brings a duffel bag full of snacks to the movie theater and suspect that they know nothing). Michigan weather has been unusually

Cauliflower Pizza for Two <3

Ahhh I love to cook and I love it even more when it’s with Sam 🙂 We always have so much fun together. Who doesn’t love singing, dancing, cooking, and drinking wine?! All with your best friend. Ok, ok, I’ll stop gushing. Anyways! Pizza is something we both consistently crave. So, to satisfy this craving we decided to make a healthy alternative! Cauliflower pizza. Healthy, satisfying, and you cannot even tell that it isn’t real dough. Weird thing we discovered… while the cauliflower rice was boiling, it definitely smells a bit like weed. So beware if you don’t want your neighbors