Greek Frittata

Breakfast is my favorite meal because there are so many possibilities. Oatmeal, eggs, toast, savory, sweet, and let’s not forget about the coffee. I love mediterranean inspired dishes, so this egg dish was a real winner. Perfect for meal prep, too! It lasted us about 4 days and I even had a slice for lunch one day. Packed with protein, iron, and veggies – this dish is the perfect jumpstart that your body craves every morning. Paired with some fresh fruit and flaky croissants. Absolutely divine!  Wolfed this down pretty quickly. Enjoyed around the dining room table with my whole family. Doesn’t

Goodness Bowl + Meal Prep

Meal prepping – seriously the best thing ever! If you are always on the go and don’t have time to take time to make yourself lunch everyday to take to school or work than let me introduce you to your new best friend and life saver – meal prep. Not only does it save you tons of time, but also tons of money! Instead of spending money on going out to lunch or dinner (because you didn’t have time to cook or didn’t feel like it), pack yo lunch! I like to utilize my Sundays for this. Grocery shopping and