Pre- & Post-Workout Habits

Working out. Something that most people make excuses for. “I’m tired”, “I don’t know what to do”, “I’m too sore.” Yes, some of those things may be true at the time, but it’s all about pushing through and getting your workout done! Even if that means going for a walk. BE ACTIVE! Not only will you feel more confident, but your mood will change. I promise you. Quick story. When Sam and I first moved away, I think I went into a mini depression. I went from working out quite frequently and being very familiar with all of the gyms in

Fitness Inspo + Workout

Happy happy FriYAY! I’ll never get tired of saying that. Weekends are ze best! I actually have to work weekends, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love them. I still get more time with loved ones and there is always something fun to do! However, most of those fun things include fun food… so I love to start my weekends off with a killer workout. I get the most out of my workout when it is early in the morning. While walking to the gym, Andrea spotted this really pretty light as the sun was rising! Naturally, we paused for a photo