Canadian Tuxedo

Hahahaha, I don’t even know where to begin with this post! Andrea and I went to Grand Rapids the other day because we are obsessed with all of their restaurants and coffee bars. And alcoholic bars. Anyways, after bouncing around town all day, we ended up at the Reserve for a glass of wine. Mistake #1. Have you ever seen that popular Facebook post that was circulating with the 4 pictures of people after drinking  wine? First picture was before wine, second picture was after 1 glass, third picture was after 2 glasses, and fourth picture was after 3 glasses. I’m

Spring Street Style

Leather is something that I never used to wear. At the time I thought it was too edgy for me. Once I started modeling, I saw more and more looks that I loved that had leather in them. Now, I’m obsessed. But I’m still trying to find my own style with it. It literally took me like an hour to figure out how I wanted to wear this jacket. AN HOUR. I think simplicity is key, for sure. A simple tee, jeans, boom. The leather jacket does all of the work. I added this scarf that I got in Peru