Pumpkin Pie prOats

Fall is [kinda] here! My favorite season ever. The smells, the weather, the beauty. Everything about Fall is just perfect. I got home from my workout this morning and had leftover pumpkin from a recent recipe (coming soon) and couldn’t help but make pumpkin pie oatmeal. I never get sick of it! I added 2 egg whites for added protein, PLUS it makes the oatmeal super fluffy. You’re going to want to whip this up STAT.  

Pumpkin Pie Protein Balls

Happy Monday! Here’s an awesome recipe to help you kick Monday’s rear end. I have been meaning to post a protein ball recipe for awhile now. Pumpkin pie flavor seems to be appropriate due to the season and my serious obsession with pumpkin! These are really quite delicious. They have a cakey texture to them and a little bit of crunch from the cacao nibs. Best of both worlds! A quick disclaimer: they have a green hue to them because I used protein powder that also contained greens. Normally they will have an orange color, so don’t be freaked out