Mother Loves You

Gird your loins because this is about to be a lengthy post. So much has been happening (surprise, surprise) in the Howard household! Sam and I love to keep busy and we are really, really good at it. The past 3 weeks Sam and I have been in-between leases and therefore – homeless. Dun, dun, duuuunnnn! Thank goodness we have amazing friends who let us stay at their apartments and family on the weekends. We basically lived at Whole Foods for all three meals since we weren’t really able to cook. I now know every worker there by name and can

Date Night

I never would’ve thought that Sam and I would have “date nights”. Before we moved out of our parent’s homes, we were together 24/7. Every day was a date! We didn’t need a certain night to go have one. Ever since entering the adult world of medical school, real jobs, getting our own place, and going to bed at 8pm; we now have date nights. The usual is sushi, sake, movie, and homemade popcorn (yes, I am that person that brings a duffel bag full of snacks to the movie theater and suspect that they know nothing). Michigan weather has been unusually